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We assist our clients in completing the complicated immigration paperwork.  We will help you through the maze that is the immigration system.  We want to help our cleints come out from the shadows and to legally become part of this great nation. 

Immigration is an ever-evolving process.  While the law may not change that often, the interpretation and implementation of the law can change with every Presidential Administration.  Different priorities and different focuses can make various processes easier or harder.  The forms change regularly, often with new information being required.  And many processes can take a year or more to complete.

At Crosby & Fox, we focus on Family Based petitions.  Generally, there are three very basic steps in a family-based petition.  First, a relative here in the U.S. with status has to request that an eligible family member be given the opportunity to apply to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States.  The eligible family member can include spouses, fiancés, children, siblings, parents, and certain others. 

The second step, when they are able, is for the family member wanting to come to the US, to apply to become a Lawful Permanent Resident sometimes called an LPR or Green Card Holder.  Depending on where the person is located, and if they are located in the US how they arrived, will determine whether the person needs to apply through the consulate in their home country, or whether they can apply directly with USCIS here.  This application process can be full of complications.  At Crosby & Fox, we work hard right from the beginning to ensure you understand what steps will likely need to be taken, what the costs will be, and what your chances of success are.  Once you hire us, we do everything we can to ensure your petition is properly prepared and puts you in the best light possible.  While we cannot guarantee success, we do our best to makes a successful outcome the most likely outcome.

We can also assist with applications under the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA petitions. This can be used by women and men, if the person is in a relationship that is physically, emotionally, or mentally abusive.  We can help victims gain status when they are in relationships where their spouse may be using their status as a way to control them.  And the process can be kept confidential.  Come meet with Crosby & Fox so we can discuss your circumstances and the options you have.

And we can assist victims of crimes to adjust status when qualified to apply through a U visa.  If you have been the victim of a crime, don’t let your undocumented status stop you from doing the right thing and bringing criminals to justice.  If you have been the victim of a qualified crime, and you are assisting the police, you may be able to apply to adjust your status, to ensure you are not deported or removed while the investigation is ongoing.  You also may be able to apply for your immediate family if they are here with you in the US.  Come meet with Crosby & Fox.  We will help determine if you are eligible and help you take the necessary steps to be protected.

Once you have been approved to become a Lawful Permanent Resident, the Third step is to apply for full US Citizenship.  You have to meet certain requirements to be eligible, including having lived here legally for enough time, not having abandoned your status by being outside the country too much, and meeting certain other eligibility requirements.  We will help you make sure you meet the necessary requirements, and we help prepare the paperwork properly, as well as ensure you have the information you need to prepare for the interview and test that is part of the citizenship process.  We will also be there at the interview with you to ensure the process is a fair and appropriate process. When the immigration process is successful, you will attend an oath ceremony, where you will swear allegiance to the United State, and you become a full, US Citizen.  At Crosby & Fox, our ultimate goal is to help people reach this step and become full Citizens of the United States.

Come meet with Crosby & Fox to discuss your immigration situation.  We have compassionate people who are here to help you, and not judge you.  We have attorneys and staff fluent in English and Spanish who are here to inform and guide you.  Some of our staff have helped their own family through the process or even been through the process themselves.  At Crosby & Fox, your success through the immigration process is as important to us as assisting our own family. PLEASE CONTACT US NOW  We want you to become a legal part of this Country, and we want your future to be that Bright Light.

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