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It is very normal to not want to think about death. But the truth is, it will happen to everyone. And although it may be difficult to face, there is a great peace of mind that comes from knowing you are prepared no matter what happens or when it happens.  At Crosby & Fox, we want to help you get that peace of mind by helping you prepared for the future. We want to help you make important decisions now, so you don’t leave your family members to make tough decisions while they are grieving. And while it is great to get an estate plan in place, it is just as important to review and update your plan at least every 10 years to be sure what you have prepared is appropriate to your current life situation. 

If you have never created a will or trust come to Crosby & Fox and we will help you prepare what is appropriate to your situation.  If you have a will or trust that hasn’t been updated in a while, contact Crosby & Fox, and we will be happy to review it and update it as appropriate.  And, if a love one has passed, and you need help knowing what to do now, contact Crosby & Fox.  We can help you through the probate process, to ensure your loved one’s last wishes are correctly carried out.

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A Will is a legal document that simply describes what you want to do with your property and belongings after you are gone.  If you have young children, you can also indicate who you want to care for your children if you pass away unexpectedly.  Whether you are dividing your property between your children, a spouse, family members, close friends, or even charitable organizations, a Will ensures relevant parties and the Probate Court know what your last wishes are.  A Will may be appropriate when there is a moderate to small amount of assets to divide up.  At Crosby & Fox, we can help you prepare a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out.


A Trust is a legal document you can create which holds the interest in all of your assets and then allows a Trustee to deal with those assets as the trust direct.  While you are alive, you are the trustee, and can usually do whatever you want or need to do with the trust assets.  Once you pass on, the Trust will direct who is in charge, and what the new trustee in charge must do with your assets.  If you have minor children, your Trust can direct the Trustee to use your assets to care for your minor children until a certain age.  A Trust may help you avoid or minimize the probate process and usually allows your final wishes to be carried out more quickly and without court involvement.  Contact Crosby & Fox so we can discuss your goal and determine if a Trust is right for you.  If it is, we can help you with the process of creating a Trust and transferring your assets into the Trust.


Probate is a court process, where a Court ensures that when you die, your debts are paid, and your assets are distributed according to your last wishes.  If there is a Will, the Court will ensure the authenticity and veracity of your will.  The Court will appoint an administrator or administratrix to handle your property, usually the person you have indicated in your will who you wanted to handle your affairs. If there is no Will, the Court will distribute your assets pursuant to state law.  The probate process can be expensive, contentious, and time-consuming.  Having a Will or a Trust will usually help the probate process go faster, and in some cases, you can avoid it altogether.  If you have a family member who has recently passed, with or without a Will or Trust, and you need help navigating the process, contact Crosby & Fox.  We can help you through this difficult time, to the bright light on the side.

Other Documents

There are also other documents you may want to prepare as part of an estate plan.  They may include appropriate health care directives to direct doctors what if any treatment you would want if you are unable to make your wishes known personally. They may include powers of attorney appointing people you trust to make a medical or financial decision on your behalf if you become incapacitated.  At Crosby & Fox, we will discuss with you all of the forms you may want to prepare, and guide you through the process of determining what forms are appropriate for your situation. Then, we will ensure the forms are prepared so that your wishes are clear and your decisions are carried out. 

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